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Thank you RG for reading my story and for your comments. I gave my home situation some thought, so in the early hours of this morning , while we were in bed i touch her feet with mine..she dis not react positively but she did not back away either. I waited a few more minutes and tried again..this time she touched back..and the rest was history…it is not like us to be so distant for such a long does not solve everything but we are atleast chatting again..i need to apologise properly for what i have done..but i must demostrate my abilty to resolve first. So it looks like things will shape up here as well.

I had anirther good work was only about this meeting and i was making good contributions. I know my boss does not like being overshadowed, so i made sure he gives approval fir any proposal that I far we are still good. I will continue to work on this.

I tried to go for a jog, but my legs were just to heavy. On tuesday i went for a walk around lucntime, just to clear my head off office was about 1km single way. And later went for 5km jog. Then yersterday lunch time i took the same walk again..but this time i went twice because i thought i lost my car keys..long that day i did 4km walk. So today my legs were just too heavy and decided to stop running…and instead made a braai for our supper…which everyone in the house enjoyed.

I feel really good..there were no mood swings today and I am looking forward to tommorrow…and may be tonight as well :))).

I still have a long way to go and there are big challenges ahead..but i feel i am on my way to giving the best version of me yet. It is only 18 days..but today is much better than day i will build on it and take it one day at a time.