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Detection of old behavior: Trust issues…

Tonight my girlfriend was to a reunion, but it was only her and this male friend from her high school that she’d only known for 1 year. So basically it ended up like a date. They met up at a ramen restaurant (which we coincidentally had our 2nd date on). I know nothing of this guy and I don’t even know how he looks. But she went there while I was attending my GA meeting. After I was done I texted her on Fb and asked when she would be home, I noticed she came online but didn’t answer me. I took it as she ignored me. Well, this is the point where my rational self lost its footing and my brain and trust issues took control.

I started noticing that she had been away for 4 hours at this ramen place, which I found oddly long. I started overanalyzing her responses right up to the dinner and how they weren’t as “lovingly” as they normally are. I started feeling insecure, overseen, neglected, I wondered if she was lying or if it was real date and so on. I don’t want to believe, even think, these things. But once I get started I can’t help it… I didn’t react too badly on it, as I have done in the past, but I’m very affected by this at the moment, and im having a hard time letting it go, which ruins the mood and the interaction with my girlfriend when she came home, which will only make things worse…

I can’t stand this man… shit!

– Chris