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Now then lads! Day two going well been stuck in at work keep my mind of things. I have the same problem a dx I would bet on anything during the day at work etc, Serbia u19s or something haha, all that has came to a stop now. But yes last night was really good spent it with my girlfriend you don’t actually realise how precious time is, normally I would be sat on my phone online gambling etc but life without gambling looks like it will be a good one. Geordie, that all made sense mate and put a smile on my face that you have thought of a strategy to keep your finances spot on shows that it needs to be done as if someone with your experience still get urges me and Avfc will certainly just need to keep us right so that may be something I look into. I have took first steps self excluding from every site online and in shop, looking at downloading a gambling block for my phone I’ll let use know how that goes if I find a suitable one. Hope everything is okay today Avfc keep strong mate think about your family and girlfriend!! With the mate situation yeah that could be good he could motivate you from not going into shop as long as you could trust him?