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I’ve made one of the dumbest mistakes ever this weekend.
My trip to Miami got cancelled because of the hurricane.
So my friend was supposed to go with is from
NYC. He asked me if instead I want to come visit him
In nyc, celebrate his bday here, then go to Atlantic city for a pool party, then to the Jersey shore the next day.
In my mind I knew Atlantic city was a danger risk for me.
I figured go with him to the pool party. There’s no
Way I’d leave to go gamble when I’m with friends who
Don’t gamble. Well that was a lie. I ended up getting
Drunk, separating from my friends. And in a casino playing
Blackjack wasted. Lost around 3000 usd until I had tapped out my
Limit. It was cash advanced off my credit card.
I really am powerless over this addiction.
Heading back
Home today depressessed. Ashamed, with more debt.
I really wanted to end this trip successfully, saying
I was responsible, I didn’t gamble, I went for a bday and
That’s it, but as you know this is a disease that i am not
In control of. So this is day 2, once again. Credit card is almost maxed out, line of credit maxed out, over draft maxed out.
This is near my rock bottom.