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Thank you for messages of support.

I self excluded myself from all Casinos in Gauteng Province. I felt really good about it. But I had a tough day, emotionally full of anger and easily getting iritated. It got better by the day, though.

My wife is so upset with me, and unfortunately we could not speak yersterday. I tried to apply for a loan, my speciality, to cover our this month expenses and to cover the business trip cost..she called the bank and cancelled it. Now I had to use money meant to cover rent, bcos missing this trip will seriously compromise my employment. So before I left home I put the confirmation of self exxlusion and a letter asking her to reapply for the loan and to give me a last chance. I hope it is not too little too late..but after reading some of the stories here, i feel I will accept any eventuality.

The rest of this week, I will be in different Province, and then in a neighboring country…where my self exclusion will not apply.
But I dont feel the cravings..i feel so much hate towards Casinos right now.