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Yesterday I managed to fit in a much-needed haircut and I managed to pull myself up to the gym (although for a short session) before I had to leave for work.

I’ve been working 3 nights in a row, which is very time consuming, and it left little time for my self-development and my studies. To be honest, it kept my mind off of my troubles but I have deadlines coming up so I really need to spend my time elsewhere and focus on those things, rather than allocating almost a whole day for work. I think I’m gonna have to stop taking back to back shifts because it’s too destructive for my new routines that I’m trying to create.

I didn’t go to my GA meeting today simply because I needed to catch up on some sleep. I have no regrets with this decision and I’ll be going on Wednesday again.

For this coming week, I really need to make big progress on my bachelor’s thesis whilst getting a good headstart on my econometrics rapport, which is due next Sunday. This fills my mind a lot and I just need to get started ASAP so that I can free up some mental energy for my self-development.