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Things are starting to feel like they’re getting a lot easier. I’m finding that I’m being able to open up to people about the problem I was going through. Talking really does help, people’s advice and support does have a massive impact. I’m 24 days clean today which is the longest ever since i started gambling.

Can already see a difference with money. I get paid weekly and have managed to put over 60% wages into savings each week. Normally I would be struggling st this point of the month with DD coming out and everything. Losing all access to money has been the key part really, I’m just leaving myself enough to get by day to day.

I know it’s still a long road but even my mood is improving (Not in the mornings ofcourse). This week has so far been the easiest, not many urges although I’ve been working some long days so that probably helps.

Hope everyone is keeping positive and upbeat ☑️