Day 3 … It was all about food! Incessant demands for food. In the end I turned my phone off and told him I would not be blackmailed. Finally got some sleep.

Day 4 – He’s upped the stakes today. Says he’s gone to the dodgy people for money because I WOULD NOT GIVE HIM SOME FOOD! So now the dodgy people want their money back and I am not sending it, so I am now having texts to say he has a knife to his throat and he has been punched and he doesn’t want me to feel guilty if something happens to him tonight, so send him some money.

Now the logic in me tells me not to believe a word and if he was in real danger he would call the police or let me call the police. The mother in me wants to feed him and protect him from bullies. This is the internal fight within me but I feel pleased that I have come to this conclusion and worked out why I haven’t been able to stop enablement before. This nurturing mother instinct is very very strong and fights with the logic. I feel unusually calm at the moment. We will see what tomorrow brings. Signing off for now ….