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Feeling inspired. Watched a very entertaining movie, realise that I am where I am supposed to be. That’s all I know. I am where I am. Time to grow up and accept that, warts and all. This is my journey, dammit – why am I so scared of my own journey. Why should it have been any different? It is what it is, just like all our journeys are.

Thank you everyone who reads and posts on my blog, it means a lot, really it does. Knowing that there are strangers out there who understand and care is amazing to know. There is so much knowledge. I am hoping that my posts will get more positive from now on, I have crossed a new personal benchmark. I think this might be the first time in almost 10 years I have gone 30 days without a gamble of any kind. No lottery tickets, scratch cards, poker games online or off, now fruit machines. ANything. I actually realised today I have always been a compuslive gambler, it just didn’t chance to take over until I found online poker. I am a long way from understanding addiction, but I realise I am an addict to whatever. Right now it’s still cigarettes. I can live with that for now. ALthough I do want to give them up as well at some point soon.

I am feeling stronger now, a bit more together. Time to get ready to rumble.

Have a wonderful morning