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Hi i-did-it,

I’m quite aware those moments of weakness will raise their head time and again, but I’m ready for them, everything in relation to gambling I now picture as a negative, there are no positives involved therefore it cannot be good for me.

I realize I am still in the early days of remission, but I’m feeling really mentally strong, and I do put a large part of that down to me taking up fitness. We all know how exercise can release those endorphins into our mind and body, and I really am feeling the benefits of it.

You have to refocus in order to succeed, you cannot live the same life you did with gambling and expect to live without gambling, it won’t happen. Your mind and body has to be occupied, imagine sitting at home twiddling your thumbs with nothing keeping you busy … that really is a recipe for placing the next bet. Keep mentally strong and remember, it’s your life to live however you want, nothing can keep you from doing that so long as that is truly what you want.

Anyway, my shins are killing me today, shin splints really make it hard to recover for the next gym visit tonight, but I will …. cardio vascular tonight, happy days!!

Stay strong folks, day 33 on it’s way!!