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Dear all,

I am back at my parents waiting for my brother to collect me. I drove up from London last night. I have now moved out of my house and have my bags packed and ready for GMA. I will be offline now for at least 2 weeks.

I wanted to say thank you to everyone on the forum here who has been with me I hope I have been a good community member. Knowing there are people out there who understand what this addiction does to your mind has helped me enourmously.

Charlster, Happy, P, Vera, Fritz, Seri, Slotjunkie, Harry, Charles, Janey, Velvet, Adam, Monique, Jansdad, JohnNobody, Geordie, Maverick and everyone else I may have forgotten.

I am off to Dudley leaving here at 6:30. I cannot sleep. I will miss my son and working, but I need to get better.

I had a farewell soft drink with my oldest friends on Weds, who know me better than anyone. First time I told them I had never quit gambling (I even lied to them) but they understood. They know me well and wishes me all the best. One of them is a senior exec in a global newsagency and he said there would be work for me as a producer when I come out so there is a silver lining.

This journey has entered a new phase for me now, and the advice and support I have received here has ben amazing.

I would love to keep writing, but I wish everyone a great recovery journey, and as soon as I can post an update I will.

All my love, regards and prayers to you all