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Fish face2017

Day 44 and gamble free.

Something really strange happened to me on Sunday. Somebody had stolen a jacket of mine from the bar I was at . Cost around £190 and it was a present from my birthdays. Few months ago. I was so gutted and pissed off with what happened. But it sort of made me think about things, before my gamble free time if I lost £190 gambling I wouldn’t bat an eye lid, I’d go on with my day and probably gamble some more. The jacket is replaceable yes, but i think it just proves I had no value for money.

I’m still gamble free and I’m feeling positive about moving forward towards my second goal of 100 days. But one day at a time. Spent abit too much money this week on other things and just general life. Paydays are every Tuesday so starting next week I’m going to carry on plucking away at the debt.

Hope everyone is well and staying gamble free!