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Well, haven’t posted for a few days as I have been quite poorly and in bed with this chest infection. Nothing like one thing g after another to make you feel miserable. Got up and out today and walked 1.5. Miles through park to GP surgery to pick up the script for eradicating the bug that causes the ulcer. Then walked to supermarket to get some vits and live yogurts to go with the double lot of antibiotics I have to take. Felt better for getting some fresh air rather than laying in my bedroom. I managed the walk without getting breathless which is good as have cut down on the cigs. I had a telephone assessment for counselling yesterday and was then told there was a six month wait. I proceeded to tell them exactly what I thought about this. People, the servicesforthis addiction are rubbish. We need help with
1. The depression, not there before gambling but severe when in action and in recovery. I am looking at nutritional help for this rather than the chemical cosh of antidepressants.
2. For women emotional gamblers who are usually,professional women, help with the self destructive self harm element. I have met a few women who are CGs and they are all very smart,,professional women who cannot believe how they have been caught up with gambling. They are all,quite sensitive individuals and it is about how to deal with emotions in women who feel too much, what is going on,with them, their families andthewhole bloodyworld!
3. Help with physical health issues brought on as a result of financial stress and gambling
4. And finally help with debt and employment support
If required, particularly in like me going bankrupt means you cannot,work in your profession.