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Day 64.

I had a good afternoon yesterday. I went and got my alcohol to make my Sex on the beach tonight – it’s fiestas where I live, and today is the day that everyone cooks paella in the same street, gets pissed, then goes partying. I went to my mates garage where we’re doing our paella, and sorted out the sound system with him.

I went to dinner with some friends (female twins) as it was their birthday. We went to a really nice place, and they even paid for me! It was nice, right on the beach. I even fell asleep in the car on the way back, something I haven’t done in literally years (mainly because I drive 99% of the time myself).

Today I’ve woken up after a greaaaaaaat night’s sleep – I didn’t get back til about half 2 and had to be up by half 9 for work so I was worried that I wasn’t going to get much sleep, bearing in mind that today’s gonna be a long day. Do you ever get it where you sleep and you wake up a few times and time itself just seems to be going past really slowly? Like you’ve been asleep for say 4 hours but you’d happily get up and go to work because you feel like you’ve rested properly and fully. I don’t get that, but this morning I woke up and felt like my energy bar was full.

Today is going to be long but fun, work til 6, then out to my mates where all my friends will probably already be pissed (tipsy at least). It’s the best day of the year today as everyone gets together, no one misses out, so it’s the day to see everyone and enjoy the night. I even managed to pull last year – a girl 7 years older than me who I ended up dating for a few months. Just hope I don’t see her tonight!

Today is going to be a good day.