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Been feeling pretty low recently. I’m only 30 but for as long as I can remember, my legs have hurt. Poor circulation and blocked veins make it difficult to walk without a certain amount of aching. It’s just been getting me down a bit more recently coz I’m a bit burnt out. I seem to be tired a lot more at work. Could probably benefit from a bit of time off. Only trouble is my boss goes on holiday soon and I’ll have to work all day and night for at least 17 straight days. The only benefit of that being that I’ll save some extra cash in wages and tips. Possibly another trip to the doctors after he comes back. Last time he went on holiday I got cellulitis. Look it up. It ain’t pretty. I couldn’t walk for three weeks and I was off my tits on pain killers while I had one ankle the size of a tree trunk. But I still had to be in work… Every day! Great times!