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I should mention too that my ambition to get my money back quickly is only temporary. Ive mentioned before, I’ve got a lot of stuff in a pretty sizeable collection that I can sell. At the moment I’m downsizing. Selling things that aren’t essential. That’s not the best way of putting it really. None of it is essential. They’re only things. But they’re my things and if I can keep the best ones I’m going to. I’m getting near to the end of things I want to sell, so that’s gonna reduce my income a fair bit. My work stint soon will help. But next month I will be living alone and therefor paying out a lot more on bills and food. So I’ll have to get used to saving up slowly.
Anyway, the leg problems stem from varicose veins. Not really a problem a 22 year old should be worried about but here I am at 30 and they’re still bad. I think last time I went to the doctors they said it was cosmetic and therefor wouldn’t be on the NHS. Roughly translated as, that’s just a visual problem, so if you want it sorting you’ll have to pay for it. Doesn’t matter I’ve not been able to kneel down without immense pain standing back up since I was in my early 20’s. That’s obviously just cosmetic…
Enough whining about myself. Time to whine about work! Only jokin. Although I’ve been open for nearly an hour and haven’t had a customer yet. Boss is off. The lad I’m working with tonight sucks. It’s bank holiday… Shush now Adam!