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Hi happy thank you for your comment I know exactly what you are saying.

I sorted out my debts they are paying themselves so I am trying to not worry about them because everytime I worry about them I relapse. But this time I am going to forget I have debt and enjoy each day as it comes.

I achived my objectives this week , got nails done , hair done , treated my self to some flip flops . These are the things I couldn’t afford due to gambling so it’s great .

I woke up this morning saying to my self why haven’t I have shoe addictin or bag addiction but I spose they are as bad as gambling addiction.
Any addictin is bad for us . I am scared of addictions seriously . Now days when I do something I realise I evaluate. It .

This gambling addictin has scared the hell out of me .

Last night I took some sleeping pills to stop me thinking so it worked . I am now getting ready to go and meet with a friend for cofee .

I got operation nextweek so my nerves are not in good state .

Have a great day everyone and remember we are a winner because we stopped gambling . Xx