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This is what I kept telling people! I’ve got an extensive library on everything I’ve ever bought, what I paid and what I think it’s true value is. I try my best to never sell at a loss, so everything extra I get is all gravy! Only problem is (which I’ve succumbed to a few times) is although it’s great selling some spares, every now and then something else pops up. Things I’ve been on the look out for for years. Just happen to turn up now. So naturally I have to go for them. Speculate to accumulate I guess! But yea, it’s definitely helped a massive amount and I can now say that a few minutes ago I rounded my savings up to 5 grand. That’s awesome in less than 100 days!! That’s on course for 15 grand this year… Ok, that’s pushing it! But still…
Didn’t update yesterday. Had a fantastic night in Liverpool. There we’re about 1.5 million people in Liverpool yesterday. Something about three boats circling in the Mersey. I don’t know… More importantly it was ten years to the day that Liverpool lifted the European cup in Istanbul for the fith time. Last night was the celebration at the O2 Arena. Brilliant to see all the ex-players talk about that unforgettable match! A brief reminder of the greatest night of my life.
Anyone keeping score between me and Coors on a Tuesday. I had to miss them this morning due to travelling back from Liverpool. They still phoned me though. Best part was, we were blocked from leaving the hotel car park for 15 minutes by a delivery wagon! Typical…