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Just about starting to turn I think whatever this illness is I’ve got. Last few days at work were a nightmare. Really just didn’t want to be there. Felt very sluggish and couldn’t really concentrate. Last couple of days have been testing on me. There’s been a ton of money gone in the £500 jackpot machine yesterday. Everyone left early last night so I was left alone with not a soul in the place to lock up. I had a few conversations with myself in my head about wether it’s time to start gambling again. Last night was a perfect opportunity to have a whirl. Currently it’s 16:27. I’ve been open since 15:00. There’s NOBODY here! It’s an absolute gamblers paradise. I’d of killed for days like this when I was still gambling.
Going for a day out tomorrow to the pleasure beach. It’s never really appealed to me since it’s right on my doorstep. But I think last time I went they hadn’t built The Big One yet, so I thought maybe it’s time to see if it’s changed much… Only got tomorrow and Friday to chill out. Then starts my 17 day stretch. Looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time, as usual. I know how to run the bar. It’s the stock ordering I don’t like. Especially since we have 4 suppliers now. It’s hard to know where it’s all coming from. I’m sure I’ll manage it. Either that or just either massively over/under stock… I’ve done both before. Neither of which make my bosses happy.