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Hi Chris and welcome to these forums. I was in a similar situation to you. I was managing to keep going but every month I had nothing and had to borrow to get through it. I would gamble in the hope of getting out of debt but of course only got deeper in.
Then one day I realised that I had a problem – that if I kept going I would no longer be able to manage my debts and then I would be in trouble. I would like to say that then I decided not to gamble ever again – and stuck to that, but it took me several years to actually stay stopped.
I went to gamblers’ anonymous some months after making the decision to stop – still unsure if I had a problem or not!
So in your situation I would say stop now. You have stopped before for several months – so get yourself good support so that you can identify the triggers that might lead to you gambling again. Consider GA – or if you can’t then see if you can get counselling. Read the forums here to see what you need to do to stop and keep posting so we can see your progress. I wish you well.