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Thanks Kpat–

Really am to the point where choice is not part of the equation:-(( I still have a job, I am not dead broke but am certainly on the edge..Either I quit or I fall off the cliff of full financial ruin:-))

As destructive as I am willing to be with Gambling-I am not willing to take the last step.

Getting away from the online poker stops a couple of grand a month from leaving the coffers, and I didn’t miss it the last time I self excluded. (Its insidious that the sites welcome me back exactly at the 6 month moment-all I have to do is send them a email and I am back. When I get that 6 month email it triggers desire that I find hard to ignore. In order to self exclude I have to get back on the site. Its a very screwed up process.)

No real test for the next few days. I don’t have the money to play online (luckily all my remaining credit is on cards that are not internet casino friendly—what a coincidence.)

I can’t fund netteller without help as I live in Japan….and I won’t ask anyone to help me.

So the next real test is Sunday at the weekly poker game I will not be attending:-))

Anyway—-Day one Halfway done!