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Thanks for all your comments.

These days are the easy ones. I don’t really have any money left. I did however borrow £30 off my mum to pay into my bank to cover a direct debit. I did have to walk past two bookies to get to the bank. There wasn’t really any urge to go in as such as I do have good days. The real test is every Monday when my lodger pays me his board and at the end of the month when I get my salary. Especially now as I am short on my rent so think that I can win the money I need to pay it.

Time will tell but I will definitely keep coming back here to keep everyone updated as I think it will be an immense help.

On a separate note, I spoke to a friend last week who I rarely see but speak to now and again on Facebook. I remember at the beginning of the year he put a status on Facebook for all to see that he was addicted to gambling. He says he hasn’t gambled since and suggested I tell family and friends. Unfortunately, it isn’t something that I feel I can do yet, but I am pleased for him and he has offered me his support.

Thanks all 🙂