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Last night was really bad had really bad urges yet again so what I did I ask my mind how much would you of gambled if you had the means so my mind said around £100 at least . So what I did was I brought my self two dresses and a cellulite socks which I wanted to buy ages ago . I used my creditcard that cannot be used for gambling so I slept happily ever after .
I still have nightmares and they are worrying but at least I don’t wake up every Morning feeling defeated.
I wake up,every morning since I stopped gambling as if I have so much to look forward to.

I know my addiction is really bad and I am glad I passed everything to my boyfriend to handle . I feel like I have more sense of control of my life like this .

Weather is really bad today so I think it’s going to be a duvet day for me and my son but we shall see .

I realised I don’t think about money as much as I used to do and this makes allot of things easy I sorted a payment plan for my debts so now they just pay for them selves and I just enjoy being happy .

I think this is what happiness is letting go off things that is out of our control and just go along .

I am in so much happy mood this morning god knows why .

Hope everyone has a great gamble free day love you all xxx