Dear Adele
How wonderful to read that you and your husband are not only together but having fun and living a nice life. I often think that members feel that even if they survive the addiction it will always be hanging over them and nothing will ever be the same again – I remember you worrying about trust.
Now you know the truth of recovery and I am so very pleased that you do. It has been said by CGs who have controlled their addiction and I know it is true of F&F that given time, understanding, knowledge, courage, determination (and I believe a big wodge of humour) that life can be better for having had the addiction in it – but oh how impossibly difficult such a thought is at the beginning when one is still in the eye of the storm.
Turning a dreadful experience into a spring-board for a better life is not always possible of course but F&F can fully recover from living with the addiction and that is what you have done. The icing on your cake is that your husband has changed his life too and that is in no small measure down to you. Who could ever forget the image of you on a Harley Davidson Screamin’ Eagle Softail Deuce blowing the cobwebs away? I am delighted to say I was out on a beautiful Harley Davidson the other day although sadly only on the pillion but it was magic – my friend who gave me the ride resembles Kenny Rogers so in my heart I was singing ‘Lets Go Down in a blaze of Glory’ – wonderful. We are soon to have 500 of them riding through a village close by and I will be there breathing in the atmosphere and dreaming wonderful dreams.
I am still taking one thing at a time and doing it – my latest is to become a league table-tennis player and even though I am the bottom of the lowest division I know there is only one way I can go – yes home – no not really, I fully intend to move up next season.
Thank you for caring about my loss – it was my brother and it was tough but his funeral was an amazing celebration of laughter, with memories of days on motor-bikes and steam trains. He enjoyed his life.
I cannot thank you enough for popping back because your post will give hope to those who need it. It is hard work walking back to life (or in your case riding a motor-bike) but ultimately the healing comes if we allow it and that is what you have done.
So dear Adele I must sign off, I have a dog waiting to have her ball thrown. I hate to say this but I am still not sure I would know Adele, (the singer version) if I fell over her in the street but you can’t expect everything!!.
Look after yourself and your very special husband keep blowing the cobwebs away and have a ball
As Ever