Dear Adele
I know it all sounds idyllic but I also know it only came about with pain and despair. I admit I was never 100% sure when you took to them there hills that you were going to find what is what you had lost but I did hear ‘your’ recovery was well under way and like you I believe it was that, more than anything else, that has given you both the chance to live your lives together in such harmony.
The only consternation I felt with your post was the golf balls flying about and hitting Bambi’s into the rough – I am sure you will be careful though and nurse the little deers until they are fit again.
We can only trust our loved ones to care for their recovery – but then what relationship can ask for more than to trust that the person one cares for will respect and look after your relationship and of course it works both ways.
Your post is so full of your relationship being successful because you put you first and I would love for every F&F member to read it because it always seems a little weak when I suggest that this is the way forward – after all ‘how can looking after me help my CG?’’ It works and you are living proof and I am so glad you are living the life – apart from swiping Bambi with a nine iron or a wedge.
I cannot consider the possibility that I might not have recovered – living with the addiction is not negotiable in my life now.
I think the barriers you have kept in place are right for the two of you and harm nobody.
Oh how I would love to ridge the scenic river valley with you on your Harley but I might have to get off and walk around the hairpin bends – I would have to talk to your pillion rider friend first!
Must go – dinner to prepare before my husband returns from walking the dog. Please post again sometime – posts from members who have moved on are sadly lacking in the current forum which is understandable as very few want to return when they have their recovery which is understandable.
Ride on Adele, ‘in dreams’ I will be with you – sung by my favourite of all time, Roy Orbison – I held his hand while he sang ‘Running Scared’ and he probably was – I was a mere 30 something teenager and he had to tug his hand away!
As Ever