Dear Adele
What I love most about this wonderful post is that it is about ‘you’ and it is full of ‘your’ recovery which is the absolute best thing for you and your CG husband.
Gamanon will benefit so much from having you with them, you will uplift your fellows and give them hope which is a terrific way to take a bad experience and make it into something good. Don’t forget to always take support as well as give it though.
The barriers are right and good for both you and your husband – they create the ability to have a form of trust. You in control of the money and him having enough to live on is, in my opinion, an excellent way to start your new life together.
I purged my home 7 years ago when I moved, letting go of anything that cluttered my life and although I have gathered a little clutter since it is minimal. I too left behind the pain, anger and guilt – they didn’t belong in my brave new world.
I would be worried if you didn’t consider trust to be still out of reach – trusting too quickly helps neither of you. Your life will develop with a greater understanding and if that means that total trust remains always slightly out of reach it will not be the be all and end all and certainly not a concern for today.
Now for the nitty gritty. I may not be good on pop stars (apart from Roy Orbison and Elvis) but don’t ever doubt my ability to know what a Harley Davidson is. I’ll have you know I was a leather clad, ton-up girl who spent her holidays on the Isle of Man at the TT races and wore Castrol R for perfume. That free-spirited girl lives on in this ancient frame – so ya shucks boo, this old chick knows her motorbikes!
My dream was to own a Harley and to tour America and Australia with my husband strapped to the pillion but he freaked at the idea so I have a sneaking suspicion I can only do it vicariously through reading your fantastic post. Thanks for the trip of nostalgia.
I have calculated that when I run my Tuesday group it is 5pm in San Antonio so maybe one day when you are not gallivanting around you could pop in and leave me drooling at your exploits. On Thursday it is 4pm Texas time.
Strike that match and live – I could ask for nothing better for you and I believe for your husband too which also gives me enormous pleasure. It has been a complete joy and delight to ‘know’ you.