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Dear all,

It’s been a while since I posted. Things have been going so-so, ups and downs. May have to do with my pregnancy hormones as well, and the fact that my hb has started taking meds/ritalin. He still sees his counselor (approx.) once per week, sometimes every fortnight and he’s still gamble free. The other day he snapped at me after both of us having a bad night’s sleep (yes, the baby is teething still!) and accused me of ‘sneaking off’ to work early and basically taking ‘me time’ instead of hanging around until the baby had breakfast and fell asleep again, and me having to rush out the door. I was so hurt by that comment; especially because I do SO MUCH for our family every day that those 30 minutes ‘me time’ should have been granted to me, times 10! All day it took me to get over it, I had the worst negative thoughts ever, even feeling quite depressed and thinking ‘what a sad life I have like this’ which is very unlike me.
Anyway, that day passed and the weekend came which was nice.
Hope to chat in a group soon – time flies and somehow I remember too late about group sessions. Have a great day!