Dear Anni
How good it is to get such a positive post – I hope it raises the spirits of many others. I think your post relates to every loved one whose CG seeks recovery, not just mums and dads.
By working with your son, now that he has finished his programme, you will be giving him the finest encouragement possible. He will have ups and downs and sometimes you may feel confused but persevere and he will know he has a rock to lean on. It isn’t an easy for him and sometimes it will be hard to see him struggle but I ‘know’ it is worth all the effort.
If ever you have anything that worries you, please pop into the F&F group. At the beginning, when ‘my’ mind was still euphoric and yet frightened I often wished I had someone to talk to – I think it would have saved me from some of my errors. Fortunately my CG was strong, (thanks to GM) and he had the tools to cope – even with me.
Enjoy the journey and all the good feelings, you deserve them. Your son is saying all the right things. I was often reminded not to get too far ahead of myself but it is easy to do so after so much unhappiness. Just like our loved one, we can only live one day at a time.
Thank you for the smile you have put on my face