Dear B
I have just seen your post and I am even I am even more sorry than I was that we only had a couple of words in the group.
Controlling an addiction isn’t easy and you husband is not making it any easier stopping his medication. I hope he will come clean with his unacceptable behaviour at his GA meeting and come home in a better frame of mind.
I think Ell has made some terrific points, you do appear to be living on top of each other and you need to breathe. Does he tell you what the psychologist and psychiatrist say to him..
Short of telling him you want him to leave and give you a break I can’t think of any ‘polite’ way of getting him out of the house – I know I would feel the same.
I am being called to go but I will write again soon – I just wanted to get something to you after not being able to talk to you enough tonight.