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Dear (((Bettie)))! Good for you for putting up a small tree for Christmas. I don’t have a single decoration up as my place is too small and I dislike Christmas and the stress it puts on people, especially those people struggling financially, and emotionally. If your appeal is successful for your insulin pump, won’t they go by the date you applied for it, as opposed to the date they approve it. Those insurance companies in your country don’t seem to care about people at all. Seems to be the bottom line is money all the time!! As far as your niece’s mother goes, she obviously isn’t thinking long-term about her daughter. She is setting herself up for her daughter to have negative feelings towards her when the daughter realizes, that her mother choose not to put her daughter’s mental health needs before her own needs. It’s hard to grasp as most mothers are like lionesses when it comes to their kids. I hope that your niece finds the help she needs to get better. Carole