Dear Daddda
I can hear the pain in your words but much as I want to give you solace I am stuck, as always, by the fact I cannot comment on US law or fraud or PTSD.
I went through a horrendous divorce years ago and I know what it is like not to have the law making the sense it should make – I too was left with nothing and three very small children.
It is only taking one day at a time that got me through and some days were much blacker than others.
Your court case and its outcome do seem to represent a miscarriage of justice and I had a similar experience but it still doesn’t make me qualified to give you the support that you so obviously need. Even saying ‘face forward’ doesn’t offer anything in practical support.
I sincerely hope you can now pick up the pieces and determine the way you want your life to go from now without interference from others.
Take care of yourself