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Dear, dear Bettie,
I am so sorry to hear u gambled but so pleased you are back in recovery. You are having a difficult time right now. I am the queen of resentment .. I am doing fine and next thing the resentment which has possibly been bubbling underneath all the time, bursts to the surface like a volcano. You can see from my thread it puts me into attack mode and I end up taking to my bed..most of my resentment comes from feeling I married the wrong person and felt I had little choice in it.

I understand your hurt Bettie… Possibly your mum is having a bad day too and may help you when she feels better.
I followed the silly advice to be honest and told my mum about my gambling , and even though she is a CG herself our relationship has never been the same . I know others on have had the same experience.

I hope things improve for you Bettie and you feel more upbeat soon. You are an amazing person who has given so much support to others on here . You have worked so hard to beat this addiction, and has the others say anyone can have a blip!

I also glad to see you posting again.
Sending you love and best wishes!!