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Dear Dear Ell,

You have just written such a powerful post!

From the first day I found this site you captured my heart, amazed me with your ability to articulate your feelings so clearly in a foreign language (to you), and you opened my eyes so many times with the way you carefully consider (and many times struggle with) the knowledge and advice given by Velvet (and others) and then extract and embrace that which you feel will move you forward in your recovery.

You are truly an inspiration to me Ell and I am so pleased with (and encouraged by) your progress for you and your family. I admire you for appreciating the positive changes in you and your husband while understanding that more time is needed to get where you want to be.

This November is shaping up to be a much happier one for me too! Sincere congratulations on your anniversary (because I’m sure, like me, you weren’t certain you would make it), and a very Happy 2nd Birthday to sweet little Baby Ell!