Dear Ell
You can let the memory of Christmas 2012 go now – from now on your memory can be this Christmas and on this Christmas your lovely little girl had presents under the tree – but more importantly she had her mother and her father there with her, loving her and each other.
Of course I have no crystal ball but I can see in my mind’s eye a little family united in love and I could wish for no better vision.
‘You’ have made your joy possible Ell, you have created the home in which your little girl is safe and happy and your husband is blossoming. I listened to you but you did all the work. Your husband has had to work hard too and I am glad he has had a counsellor who allowed him to mature. It is a fact that when a family support a CG it makes the recovery more likely to succeed and you have done that. You have been frightened but you held fast, you showed bravery when you didn’t feel it and you didn’t give up when you felt crushed. I understand all those things Ell.
I send all good wishes to you, your husband, your little girl, your very special brother, your mum and all the other people I have come to ‘know’ through you. It has been a pleasure.
με αγάπη – όπως πάντα