Dear Ell
I am sure you are still returning here at times and so I am leaving this little note for you to find when you pop in.
Your Christmas story was lovely and described a complete family unit supporting each other through difficult times and part of that family was your CG.
You have been the most wonderful support for your husband and all the happiness you are feeling is deserved. It isn’t possible that every story will have an outcome such as yours because it takes at least two people to make it work. You supported without enablement, you stood your ground and you refused the addiction control of your life. Your CG knew that your determination was not made up of idle words – he could have taken the easy route and allowed his addiction to carry on unabated but he didn’t.
You didn’t stop him gambling but you did make a difference. So when you pop back I want you to know that I still think about you very much – you were brave when you didn’t want to be and I know how hard that is.
You knew the right thing to do; the hard bit was doing it – but you didn’t give in.
με αγάπη για εσάς, το σύζυγό σας και την οικογένειά σας