Dear Ell
First of all I am glad to read that you have good doctors working for you, your wee daughter does not deserve such problems, I wish her well.
Please don’t ever apologise for coming into the forum and saying that your husband is doing well. I do understand your feeling that maybe it is hard for those who are still living in the middle of an active addiction but I believe that it is important for those who struggle to hear that success is possible.
I really do understand what you are saying – our worries always seem to be worse when we lay our heads down at night but I would be more concerned if you had written that you were searching for evidence of wrong doing.
I think it is excellent that you both decide what you will pay and how you will split money – giving him the pin number is superfluous with such a terrific attitude – this, in my opinion, is two people really working a healthy recovery.
I believe that there are many things in life that make us feel less free inside and maybe I am wrong but I think these are ‘our’ experiences and these and the way we cope, are what make us who we are – and you are coping terrifically.
Dear Ell – when you lay down to sleep, think of a happy things that have enriched your life and try not to dwell on the bad, sad time of the addiction.
It has been lovely to see you post again and I love the way you write your feelings down – you make so much sense. I look for you every Tuesday and I sometimes have someone else in the group hoping you will appear – I know you will know who.
I hope you post again soon but until then.

Με αγάπη