Dear Ell
What a terrific post – how good to hear from you.
It is so hard to be patient and wait for time to bring healing but sadly it is only time that can heal some wounds. Forgiveness is very special and I don’t think any of us can determine the day we will feel it but I hope dear Ell when that day comes your circle of happiness will be complete.
I am not sure it is right to forget because the experience was a large part of your life and it will have changed you. Taking something that is bad and turning it into a life experience that strengthens you is the most powerful vengeance anyone could have against the addiction to gamble.
It doesn’t surprise me to hear that you are still working hard but I hope in time you will enjoy the fruits of your labour. How wonderful to read that you have peace in your heart – you worked so hard for it and I know it wasn’t easy for you.
I wish you continued joy with your husband and your daughter – they are both very lucky to have Ell in their lives.
Maybe one day you will pop back again but of course I understand that this site has been a chapter in your life that is now rightfully closed.
Take care and enjoy your life
Όπως πάντα αγαπητέ Ell
με αγάπη