Dear Ell

For a trial period groups have to be entered within the first 15 minutes of the start time. I know this is difficult for you as you call from work and you have to contact when you can.

Berber often pops in on a Tuesday and I know you would like to talk to her in real time. If it is possible for you, please click on Live Advice Help Line between 20.00 and 21.15 UK time tomorrow and hopefully you might find her – you will certainly find me.

I hope this answers you but if it doesn’t please write again – there is work being done all the time to improve the site.

You don’t sound hard dear Ell and I understand you not wanting a relationship somewhere down the middle. All relationships go up and down and sometimes there has to be a middle bit – as long as the feeling still exist there has to be hope.

I hope to talk to you in real time soon