Facing these types of situations is very hard and is an illustration that his addiction is still very much alive and kicking.

Velvet refers eloquently to the addiction as a slavering beast, perhaps ask her about it if you have not already read it on many other posts.

Saying no to the addiction or confronting it is like poking the beast with a sharp stick – it makes a great big fuss, screeching dribbling and snarling.

It is very likely that it will also sulk or indeed try any other form of emotional blackmail in order to get what it wants, in this case its grubby little paws on money it shouldn’t have !

Although hard and we’ve all caved in to the various tactics that we are faced with – try your best to stick to your guns and decline his requests.

The danger of giving in is that next time it comes back bigger and stronger and harder to deal with and we get weaker and weaker no has to mean no.

Perhaps its better that he doesn’t speak if he has nothing pleasant to say – saves you having to listen to the rubbish and become involved in arguments that have no rhyme or reason to them let alone logic.

Its good that you have places to go if you need and please make full use f them if there is a fear of violence erupting, no one should live in fear. Perhaps another option could be to put some space between you before it explodes and leave him to stew on his self created circumstances.

Whatever you decide to do please put your own safety first otherwise let him have a good squark in the knowledge that it is an addiction talking and one that’s actions are more likely driven by fear.