Dear James
The forum gains so much when members return with updates that prove that life, when the shadow of the addiction to gamble has been lifted, is good.
Of course the best outcome for members must be the control of the addiction but sadly it will not always be so, however, I hope one day your ex-wife appreciates the effort you made to maintain a good relationship for her with her daughter. In my opinion, she should not be taking your daughter into casinos and maybe that is something you need to keep your eye on with her grandma’s help. Hopefully she will make better choices in the future.
It is not surprising that you have trust issues with your new girlfriend but it is important to remember that your wife did not choose her addiction and did not deliberately hurt you; you were both the victims of a terrible addiction and as such it is very important not to let it spoil any more of your life. Use the experience and turn it into something really good and positive.
I wish you, your daughter and your new girlfriend every happiness, you deserve it. Thank you for returning and updating