Thank you for this update although it is sad. It takes me back to autumn 2008, when my last dog ‘faded away’. The final days with him were very, very precious – I talked to him a lot, telling him what a great pet he had been for 13 years and just loved him, til he peacefully passed away.

I hope I do take my own medicine and am managing my own life healthily, although I have no ‘happy ending’ – or ‘happy new-beginning’ – to report regarding my cg. I offered to be a volunteer with GT a few months back and my offer was accepted, so I do not use the site for my own support any more. I guess that may seem a bit strange to those, like you, who knew me in the past, but it’s one of those ‘boundary lines’ you have to draw, when you move on to a different ‘chapter’ in a part of your life. I’m still the same person, but just have a different role here.

Thinking of you,