Dear Jenny
I sense in your post a feeling of wasted time and I can only urge you not to think too much about that but to enjoy ‘today’ with 3 gorgeous pains in the backside and new beginnings.
I could never feel badly about anybody who leaves this forum because it brings back sad memories. You have had your fight and you have won, your leaving therefore is part of the success of the site – it has not only served its purpose, it has done well. I see this site and Gamanon as a staging post, an oasis,, a place to stop for a period of time while you regain strength and confidence before moving on to a happier world that is all the better for you having been here..
You have given terrific support to other members and I have benefitted from your insights, intelligence, wit and determination. Now it is time for you to move on and share your gifts with others. I won’t forget you and what you have meant to me, so even while I feel a sense of ‘empty nest syndrome’ I will know it is good and right to feel it.
As ever