Dear Jenny,
I smiled the whole time, reading the words from a very happy Jenny. The journey was undoubtedly hard, full of ups and downs, dealing with feelings that tore at your heart, bringing you to dark places, but you made it girl. And how you did.
Reading your update was like reading the resolution in a beloved novel; so thrilled that everyone in the family is doing well in their endeavors, happy, and living healthy lives and of course, that there is a Jenny happy ending.
I like how you wrote how proud you are of your boys dealing with their father. Of course, they learned from a seasoned mum, saying this in a good way. So, some good did come out of it all and you and your boys are prepared to deal with any situation. I’m sure you have a highly effective BS radar/sensory like me, so not much slides by anymore, LOL.
But honestly life could only get better after sticking with your recovery. It was what made all of this goodness possible. Thrilled you are finally enjoying going out. Since my girls are still younger, the going out in the evenings are not here yet, but I have been meeting old tennis friends for doubles. Somehow playing on the courts again, has me smiling more in my life.
I hope others read all of your posts, as they are treasures just as this one.