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I don’t often write on your thread, but I do follow it. Like P, I notice your energy and committment and am always so impressed. You do so much practical work, travel and also give emotional support within your family circle. You mentioned offering to do volunteer work in the community, too. Amazing, Lizbeth – you give so much and are so active. I have thought at times – ‘Lizbeth, do come over and clean/rearrange my house and garden (yard)!’
Do look after yourself too – I know you do, but do you ever push yourself too far? Just wondering. Maybe try to really relax in moments of solitude, if you can, giving your whole mind and body time to ‘just be’. I’m not sure if this is right for you; I need a lot of quiet time in my life, whilst you may be someone who needs a lot of activity in yours, so just do what’s right for you.
The loneliness is not surprising, given your bereavement and other tough things you have been through. But maybe stay open to coming across someone that you really bond with, as you venture into various things. There may be a special friend there for you, who gives to you in a nourishing way, whilst generally you give so much to others. But also see if you can enjoy solitude sometimes.
You are a wonderful family woman.
Best wishes,