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Dear Meg! That was a great step in coming here and posting. I can totally understand your fear and hesitation of joining the group your psychiatrist has suggested. Many years ago before I was even gambling I was seeing a psychologist for help in dealing with childhood sexual abuse. She suggested that I join a group at the hospital and I had great anxiety about doing that, because I didn`t want to talk about my issues in front of a group of strangers. I even went into her office before the group was going to start, and told her I just couldn`t face joining a group. Somehow she coaxed me into going to the group. I listened to other people`s stories and they didn`t stay strangers long because of the empathy I was feeling for them, and the group experience helped me. I stayed with the group for a year or two, and it `saved my life.` I was able to work out a lot of issues there. Prior to seeking help I had laid in my bed for 2 weeks debating whether I would or could suicide, but I decided to seek help as I could not leave that kind of legacy for my children who were young at the time. I hope that you come back to posting and working on your recovery. Compulsive gambling is a progressive disease and if you think that your problem is not bad now, it will only get worse. Carole