Dear Neecy
I will try and explain ‘the other woman’ syndrome that many F&F feel.
The addiction to gamble fills the head of an active CG so there is no room for good things. It is often supposed by those who love CGs that there is another woman because the mind of their loved one is absent so much. The addiction is often referred to as the CG’s mistress.
Because the CG mind is so full of addiction they do struggle with relationships – the person who loves them wants more than they are prepared to give because the addiction is a demanding mistress. Some CGs turn to porn which satisfies cravings without responsibility, some turn to internet dating sites – hoping to prove, by receiving interest, that they are ‘normal’ although unless the addiction is dealt with, ‘love’ as you know it, will not be understood.
There is no shame in falling in love with a CG. If they were not charming they would not get the enablement they crave but the addiction gets worse if it is untreated, which is why cracks appear later on in relationships.
You are a lovely person and you have had more than your fair share of tragedy and it is for this reason I urge to look after yourself and leave your CG to take care of his own future.
Nobody can know the outcome of a relationship but I think that turning your thoughts to that which we talked about this morning is far better for you. Retake control of your life, do what pleases you and makes you smile. Learn from what has happened but don’t let it bring you down any further because that would mean the addiction has won.
Realise your worth – you are doing well