Dear Neecy
I am glad you have updated and really pleased to hear you are getting counselling – well done.
You didn’t lose your boyfriend Neecy, addicted to gambling he was incapable of giving you the love you deserve bcause he was already lost. Accept that he has an addiction which made him incapable of giving you the love you deserve, rather than believing he never loved you.
I hope you will not take any words or actions from his sister to heart because around every active compulsive gambler there are many people who are hurt and a group that really do have a lot of pain to deal with and in my view seldom get understanding are the siblings.
I imagine if my brother had been a CG and I had lost my equal standing with my parents or my sister-in-law or his partner I would have cried “what about me?” When you look at how much understanding and support is needed with this addiction I think it becomes clear that the sibling probably does not get it.
I know I have generalised but we have only ever had a couple of siblings write on here before and so I have taken their stories and the experience of others and feel that I am somewhere near the truth.
You are doing really well. Stay clear of relationships that can hurt you, understand that you are not to blame and get on with ‘your’ life. Please keep posting – it is great to get your update.
I hope the exercise class gives you a terrific boost and you have lot of laughs. You are doing well.