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Dear P

Everything you write says you are learning and growing. ‘Normal’ can be pretty mundane and can be sad but feeling emotion is to live.

Have you been for that walk yet? I know how hard it is to restart doing something again when you have stopped. Set yourself a goal, put on comfortable shoes, open the door and off you go. Perhaps you could give yourself a reason for going – to feed the ducks or find a field to photograph. If it doesn’t meet with expectations the first time then have another go. It does mean taking a deep breath but then you can come back here and share whatever emotion you felt on that walk and it will be read and enjoyed by all your cyber friends.

It is my absolute, positive, total, complete belief that you can ultimately be more content and experience greater joy for going through a terrible experience. Gambling addiction is one hell of an education and one I think everybody would rather not have experienced but to turn it round and make something good come out of it is like spitting in its eye and dancing on its grave.

I have learned so much from reading all the posts that come from people like you who have fought such a battle against such an evil adversary. I admire you. It is because of all of you that I am here writing and proud to be part of this site.

We will learn and grow more together and I know it will get better and better.

Well done