Dear San
I feel such sadness for you – it is a terrible decision and one that will have caused you so much heartache and taken such tremendous courage. I hope you can feel your hand in mine and draw strength.
Of course the details are immaterial – I understand without hearing them.
Giving a second chance or a thousand chances is not embarrassing, you were fighting for your son – who wouldn’t want to believe that maybe, just maybe yours would be different?
I hope you can pop into a group soon there are things I would like to say in real time.
You have been and you are amazing San – keep your head up, live your life and enjoy the good things.
Even now it will not be easy, even now when you have made such a decision there will be times of doubt – but you have given him freedom to make better choices. Withdrawing his ability to use you is to refuse his addiction in your life – it is not removing your love or your hope.
Be strong San – your love for him shines through your posts – I will pray for both of you.