Dear San
Your latest post was refreshing – you have made great strides and taken decisions and they all seem to be carrying you forward.
I admired your statement which brooked no argument ‘sometimes I help him, sometimes I don’t’. It is something I would normally jump on (as you know) but I believe that’ ‘you’ know what you are doing and with your health and the health of your partner it is important that you do what is right for you.
I am sorry that your health had taken a little bump and I hope the bump is now a thing of the past.
You are very special to this forum San and I await, with you, the day your son decides enough is enough as I am sure he will.
Did you get a St Bernard for when you go for a walk? A new friend in the home is lovely; the only problem is your heart is lost in the twinkling of an eye. Remember all you have learned on this site when dealing with this little mite – they know all the tricks of how to manipulate a simply human being without even trying.
Speak soon